The world-famous Padstow OBBY OSS Festival

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We offer a direct coach service straight to Padstow Obby Oss pick up points starting in St Ives, through to Hayle and Camborne.


Depart Royal Square St Ives - 8.30am

Carbis Bay, Cost Cutters - 8.45am

Lelant Village Hall - 9.00am

Foundry Square Hayle 9.15am



The Obby Oss celebrations in Padstow are quite unique and this is a custom that has been held over centuries.The Red Obby Oss and the Blue Obby Oss dance round and through the streets of Padstow followed by a crowd of supporters. Whilst the origins of the Obby Oss tradition is not certain, it is thought to be a spring festival connected with the ancient Celtic festival of Beltane.

There are also the teasers who wave their teaser club in the air and dance around the oss while leading it through the streets. Both Oss’s end their parades at the beautifully decorated maypole on Broad Street.

Obby Oss is a busy and exciting day for Padstow!

The festivities start at 10am with the ‘Blue’ Oss making its first appearance from its stable, followed at 11am by the appearance of the ‘Red’ Oss from its home.


  1. St Ives
  2. St Ives
  3. Hayle
  4. Camborne